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360W Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Panel

360W Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Panel
350W - 355W - 360W -365W -370W
KSUN Mono-Si Solar Panel 350W - 355W - 360W -365W -370W

• Excellent Low Light Performance

KSUN solar panel has great performance under low ligght conditions with advanced technology and high efficiency solar cells manufacturing, with low tolerance ensuring hightly consistent performing panels. 

• Improved High Temperature Performance

Solar panels slowly lose their ability to generate power as they get hotter. KSUN solar panel has an improved temperature co-efficient to standard modules, which means in hot weather KSUN solar panels will deliver higher output.

• Enhanced Performance Warranty

KSUN solar panel comes with an enhanced performance warranty. After 25 years of use, the KSUN solar panel is guaranteed to provide at least 90.6% of initial performance.

• Increased Output with HTAR Glass and Anti-reflective Coatings

KSUN uses HTAR glass (Highly Transmitted Anti Reflection) which has low reflectivity and high transmittance to increase power generation compared to AR glass used in previous models.

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Superior Module Efficiency as per International Benchmarks


Glass with anti-reflective coating improve light transmission


1500 VDC system voltage for lower BOS cost


PID Resistant with long term reliability


Salt mist, Ammonia and Hail Resistant


Sustain Heavy Wind & Snow loads (2400 Pa & 5400 Pa)

Electrical Parameters
Model NumberKSM350W72KSM355W72KSM360W72KSM365W72KSM370W72
Rated Maximum Power at STC**350W355W360W365W370W
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp)38.91V39.15V39.44V39.68V39.92V
Maximum Power Current (Imp)9.00A9.07A9.13A9.20A9.27A
Open Circuit Voltage ( Voc)47.48V47.82V48.23V48.30V48.82V
Short Circuit Current (Isc)9.55A9.59A9.63A9.67A9.70A
Module Efficiency18.10%18.40%18.60%18.90%19.10%
Power Tolerance 0~+3%0~+3%0~+3%0~+3%0~+3%
** Standard Testing Conditions [STC] :  Irradiance 1,000W/m², Module Temperature 25°C, Air Mass [AM] 1.5, Certified in accordance with IEC61215, IEC61730-1/2

Mechanical ParametersTemperature Coefficient [NOCT]
Front  (material / thickness)High Transparency, Low-iron Tempered Glass / 3.2mmNormal Operating Cell Temperature+45±2°C
Solar Cell (quantity / type / dimensions)72 (6x12) / Monocrystalline Silicon / 156.75x156.75mmTemperature Coefficient of Pmax-0.41%/°C
EncapsulantEVA Film (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate)Temperature Coefficient of Voc -0.31%/°C
Back Sheet (color)TPT / White or BlackTemperature Coefficient of Isc +0.06%/°C
Frame (material / color)Anodized Aluminum Alloy / Silver or BlackWorking Conditions
Junction Box / Bypass DiodesIP67 Rated / 3 or 6 or 9 for optionMaximum System VoltageDC 1000V (IEC) / 1500V (IEC) / 600V (UL)
Cable & ConnectorsSection Size: 4mm² , Length: 900mm & MC4 compatibleMaximum Series Fuse Rating15A
Maximum Load Wind Load: 2400Pa / Snow Load: 5400PaOperating Temperature -40°C~+85°C
Module Dimension1654 x 990 x 40mmRelative Humidity
0~100% (RH)
Module Weight22.00 ± 0.5KgApplication ClassClass A

Engineering Struction Drawings

I-V Curve & Temperature Dependence


Some of these applications include:


•  Remote power for villages

•  Water pumping

•  Water purification

•  Vaccine refrigeration

•  Electric fences

•  Telecommunications

•  Remote farms and homes

•  Signalling

•  Industrial applications

•  Disaster relief


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