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6.16kW Grid-Tied Solar Power with Growatt Inverter

6.16kW Grid-Tied Solar Power with Growatt Inverter
Model No.:
Brand Name:
Supply Ability:
20000 Sets / Month
Minimum Order Qty.:
3 Sets
Factory/Unit Price:
Payment Term:
T/T, L/C, Western Union, O/A (30-60 Days)
Delivery Time:
15-20 Days
Delivery Term:
CE, TUV, SGS/ISO9001, IP65

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This Solar Power System Kit includes:

  • 18 x KSUNsolar Series 280 Watt Polysrystalline Silicon Solar Panel

  • 1 x DC Protection – 1000V Box 1 Inputs 1 Outputs 16A Isolator Type II SP

  • 1 x Growatt 5.0kW Grid-Tied Inverter with 4G Dual MPPT – Single Phase

  • 1 x Set Taitan Aluminium Rooftop Mounts – For pitched roof – Angles not include

  • 1 x Set MC4 connector & Installation Tool Bag

  • 1 x Jiukai 4mm2 single-core DC cable 100m – Red

  • 1 x Jiukai 4mm2 single-core DC cable 100m – Black

  • 1 x Cable -Alvern 6mm Earth Cable 100m

  • 20 x Solar Panel Earth Clip

*** Installation is not included

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Rooftop Mounting

Rooftop-mounted systems do not include the flashings or clamps required to attach the racking to your roof. Your roofing material will dictate what type of fasteners you will need:


Here’s what we recommend, based on your roofing material:

1. Shingle Rooftops: The KSUN Flashfoot 2 is great for shingle roofs.

2. Metal Rooftops: S-5! makes clamps that work with standing seam, corrugated and trapezoidal metal roofs.

3. Tile Rooftops: Quick Mount offers tile hooks and tile replacements to match your roof design.

Ground Mounting

Ground mounts allow you to install panels anywhere on your property. The panels can be installed to face directly into the sun during peak hours, which ensures your system is as efficient as possible.


You can also mount your system on adjustable pole mounts. These work well in high snow regions because you can raise your system off the ground where snow accumulates.


You can also adjust pole mounts to a steeper tilt angle, which helps shed your panels shed snow in the winter.


Pole mounts cost more than a fixed ground mount, but work wonders in the right situation.





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