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Answer Five Popular Questions for Solar Powered Street Light

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Answer Five Popular Questions for Solar Powered Street Light

Answer Five Popular Questions for Solar Powered Street Light


Nowadays, the development of solar powered street light has been more and more better, most of traditional LED street light has been replaced. As solar powered street light is environmentally friendly, energy-saving, manpower and material resources saving, it has been popularly applied for cities and rural areas. Especially for rural areas, as various facilities are still insufficient, solar powered street light is the best option. No matter what it is lighting fixtures, It is inevitable to avoid all of problems. What problems are issued for solar powered street light usually ? How to solve this problems ? Now let us talk about its solution.

1. What should we do if solar powered street light is not brightness ?

How to solve this problem if solar powered street light is not working ? This is the question that most of customers want to know. Firstly, we should check if the indicator light of battery is work, if it is no work, the connecting cables of controller and battery might loose, at this time, we should ask professional person to connect the cables. If the cable connection is normal, we should check the battery voltage, if it is abnormal, then we should change a new controller.

2. Must the solar panel of solar powered street light orient South ?

As we know, solar powered street light is getting through solar panel to absorb sunlight, then converting solar power into electric power and to store into battery in daytime, the battery discharge to provide power for LED lamp in night. Therefore, the orientation of solar panel can decide how much sunlight being able to be absorbed, and being able to convert into how much electric power. If the orientation is not correct, the sunlight absorption might be so few, then the lighting time of LED lamp is shorter or not lighting in night.

Usually, the orientation of solar panel is to South in China, by this way the solar panel can absorb more solar radiation (different Countries have different orientation for solar panel ). Usually, solar street light manufacturer would design optimal angle to get the most of sunlight.

3. Is the solar cells of solar panel easy to break ?

The solar cells of solar panel is fitness, it was laminated by tempered glass. Solar panel manufacturer would test for hail resistance, to guarantee the solar panel no problem, it has a strong resistance ability for rainstorm or hail.

4. Can solar powered street light be installed in the shadow area ?

Solar panel need absorb sufficient sunlight to convert solar power into electric power, if to install solar panel under shadow area, its sunlight absorption would be too few, the output of battery would be few. Usually, solar powered street light should not be installed under shadow area, it should avoid shadow, because it can resist harsh environment and absorb the sunlight in whole of day, which is good for operation of solar powered street light.

5. The surface of solar panel should be cleaned ?

The answer is yes. The solar panel surface of solar powered street light can’t be covered by dust, because the dust is not good for solar panel to absorb sunlight. But usually, the surface of solar panel is no need to often clean, because the rainy would clean the dust on the surface of solar panel. But if it has many days not to be rainy, it is suggested to clean by yourself.

Nowadays, solar powered street light is widely applied for modern urban establishment. There is so few problem to issue for solar powered street light, just need maintain at some times, its lifespan is very long. Most of solar powered street lights can work 5~6 years or more longer.

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