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Folding Solar Panels for Vehicle Charging

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Folding Solar Panels for Vehicle Charging

Folding Solar Panels for Vehicle Charging


On August 9, 2019, we simulated a user's use in order to test that the folding solar panel's latest bracket was solid and perfectly integrated with car charging.


When we started the car, we suddenly found that there was no fire. The folding soalr panel placed in the trunk of our car was put into use. Then we took out our baby, the 100w portbale solar panel from the trunk, and unfolded the folding solar panel next to the car. It was exposed to our natural sunshine and clamped the crocodile. When you get to the car's battery, you can recharge it.


Of course, if you find it difficult to open the front cover, you can also open the front door to connect the cigarette lighter jack and charge it.


This simulation test also validates the solid and effective use of  folding solar panels in the scene of converting light energy into electricity, which gives users a good experience. We will continue to strive to make the use of folding solar panels in camping more and more simple and widely use other outdoor consumer electronics.

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