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How to select good solar powered garden lights for outdoor decoration?

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How to select good solar powered garden lights for outdoor decoration?

How to select good solar powered garden lights for outdoor decoration?


Solar powered garden light need turn on at night for outdoor lighting decoration, some customers are worried about high electric cost if to use solar powered garden light, then they would choose solar powered garden light. Presently, there are a lot of categories for solar powered garden light. We should know its some characteristics before making decision to select it.
solar powered garden light

1. What is advantages for solar powered garden lights?

1). Lighting beams can’t be bad for health.
The lighting beams of solar powered garden light don’t have ultraviolet rays and infrared ray, don’t have radiation (the lighting beams of ordinary lamps have ultraviolet rays and infrared ray).

2). Ultra-Long Lifespan.

It is semiconductor chip to light, no filament, no glass bulb, don’t be worried about vibration, also don’t be easy to break, lifespan can be over 50,000 hours (the lifespan of ordinary incandescent lamp is just 1000 hours, the lifespan of ordinary energy-saving lamp is just 8000 hours).

3). Environmentally Friendly.

It doesn’t have harmful elements, such as mercury and xenon, it is convenient to recycle, and it wouldn’t have electromagnetic interference (The ordinary lamp tube has mercury and xenon, the electron ballast of energy-saving lamp would have electromagnetic interference).

4). High Lighting Efficiency.

There are 90% of electric power being able to convert into visible light (There are 80% of electric power to convert into heat energy for ordinary incandescent lamp, just 20% of electric power converts into light energy).

5). Protect Eyesight.

It is driven by direct current, no strobe flash (ordinary lamp is driven by alternating current, which would have strobe flash).

6). High Safety Factor.

It is low voltage to work, low current and low heat, it is not easy to have potential safety hazard, it can be used in mine site and other dangerous occasions.
solar powered garden light

2. How to select good solar powered garden lights when you plan to purchase?

1) Solar Panel.
The main function of solar panel is to convert solar power into electric power, this phenomena is named as photovoltaic effect. The common utilization is mainly monocrystalline solar panel, polycrystalline solar panel and non-crystalline solar panel. It is better to choose polycrystalline solar panel for the areas where have strong sunlight condition, because the production technology of polycrystalline is relative simple, its price is lower monocrystalline solar panel, and its conversion rate is getting increase in recent years. It is better to adopt monocrystalline solar panel for the areas where have more rainy and cloudy days without strong sunlight condition, because the performance of monocrystalline solar panel is stable. While regards to non-crystalline solar panel, it is better for the areas where have weak sunlight condition, because non-crystalline solar panel don’t have high requirement for sunlight condition.

In terms of one single solar cell, it is a P-N junction, besides it can generate electric power when its surface is radiated by sunlight, it also has characteristics of P-N junction. Its output rated power is 0.48V under STC (standard test condition). Solar panel is made by a lot of solar cells.

2) Solar Controller.

No matter the solar powered garden light is big or small, a good performance solar controller is indispensable. In order to prolong the lifespan of storage battery, its charging and discharging condition should be restrained, to prevent battery from over-charge or over-discharge. In addition, as the output power is not stable in solar PV system, the control for battery charging is more complicated than to control ordinary battery charging. Regards to the design of solar fixture, the success is decided by the electric circuit control of charging and discharging. Solar powered garden light would be not good if don’t have a good solar controller.
solar powered garden light for courtyard

3) Solar Battery.

As the input power of solar PV power generation is not stable, the solar battery should be allocated to keep LED lamp normal work. Usually, the batteries include Lead-acid battery, Ni-Cd battery, Ni-H battery and lithium battery, the selection of their capacity can directly decide the reliability and price of this system. The selection of battery capacity should obey below rule: it should make the most to store the electric power which is converted by solar panel in daytime, at the same time, it should have enough power to backup for some rainy and cloudy days. It can’t meet the requirement for night lighting or backup for rainy and cloudy days if the battery capacity is too small. If the battery capacity is too big, solar panel can’t provide enough power for battery charging, it would influence the lifespan of battery, and it is easy to have wastage.

4) Loads.

Solar lighting fixture is taking energy-saving and environmentally friendly as advantages, so the loads also need energy-saving and long lifespan. Usually, we adopt LED light or 12V energy-saving lamp or low-voltage Nano lamp.

Most of solar lawn light is to adopt LED as lighting source, LED has a long lifespan which can be up to above 100,000 hours, low-voltage to drive, it is very suitable for solar powered lawn light.

Usually, solar powered garden light is to adopt LED or DC12 energy-saving lamp, its voltage is DC, no need inverter, it is convenient and safe.

Usually, solar powered street light is to adopt LED, DC12V energy-saving lamp or low-voltage Nano lamp, the lighting efficiency of low-voltage Nano lamp is high, but it is costly, so low-voltage Nano lamp is seldom to adopt.

Solar powered garden light can meet customers’ requirement for electric cost free. It also has many advantages, and it has become most of customers’ option when planning to decorate their surroundings.

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