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120W Folding Solar Panel / Portable Solar Charger

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120W Folding Solar Panel / Portable Solar Charger

120W Folding Solar Panel / Portable Solar Charger
KSUN 120W monocrystalline solar panel, up to 21.5%-23.5% conversion efficiency. Stay charged with the power from the sun. Lightweight, Foldable and with an easy-carry handle.
120W Folding Solar Panel / Portable Solar Charger

•  Solar cell: 6&9 busbar solar cell adopts new technology to improve the efficiency of modules, offers a better aesthetic appearance, which is perfect for rooftop.
•  Tempered glass: Anti-reflecting coating and high transmission rate glass increasing the power output and mechanical strength of solar module.
•  EVA and TPT: Using high quality EVA and TPT to prevent destroying and water.
•  All frames: Without screws corner connection. 8 holes on the framecan be installed easily.
•  Junction box: Multifunctional and water-proof junction box.
•  Good performance of preventing from atrocious weather such as wind and hails.
•  Resisting moisture and etching effectively, not effected by geology.
•  Certificates issued by international authorities: ISO Quality Management system, CE, TUV ( IEC61215 and IEC61730 )
•  Limited power degradation of Eagle module caused by PID effect is guaranteed under 60℃/85% RH condition for mass production.
•  High salt and ammonia resistance certified by TUV NORD


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* Easily carry, foldable design provides convenience for your tourism.

* Lighter, thinner and faster charging. Your travel good companion to travel lighter

* Easily operate. While charging, make the solar panel exposed to direct sunlight to ensure the best charging speed.

* Outline and electrical property are very stable under the high-temperature condition.

* Smart Voltage Regulator. Intelligent control chips.

* Regulated Voltage 5V output, keep your device more safety.

* Double times efficiency, weight saving 33%, decreased thickness 25%, reduced 1/4 dimensions.

* Wide application, suitable for iPhone, Smartphone, Power Bank, and other USB devices.

* The Charging temperature is -20 to +70 degree centigrade.

* Short Circuit and surge protection technology keep you and your devices safe.

* Durable, water-resistant and long lifespan.

* CE, RoHS and FCC certificates.

* Can be customized.


KSUN folding solar panels are ideal for bug out bags and other outdoor activities due to their being exceptionally portable, lightweight, durable, and efficient. Their flexibility makes for a variety of possibilities in terms of how they can be set up, throw it on a tent, hang it from a tree, backpack, or just roll it out on the ground. Most monocrystalline panels I've seen are too heavy to be thrown over shelter setups like tents, or too awkward or inefficient in variable light conditions to be effectively mounted to a backpack when mobile. The quality of KSUN’s products are second to none, always supports KSUN’s design and manufacturing technique.

120 Watt Folding Solar Panel & Portable Solar Charger


Folding Solar Panels are lightweight, durable, and extremely portable.

Individual solar modules are mounted to weather-resistant fabric that quickly folds for storage and unfolds for use.

Unmatched durability allows for use in harsh environments and a panel that works even after a portion is damaged.

These compact panels fit easily into most backpacks and are perfect accessories to provide power for a wide range of electronics.

Folding Solar Panels keep you connected, power your outdoor life, and help you get more out of your adventures.

120W Folding Solar Panel / Portable Solar Charger with triple output ports 2pcs 5V*2A & 18V*2A for charging smartphones, tablets, car battery, laptops from China supplier.



* High Efficient & Fast Charging: This portable solar charger is built with powerful Sun Power solar panels whose conversion efficiency is up to 25%; Built-in smart chip, providing steady and safe current when charging 2 devices simultaneously with USB charging dual-port.

* Wide Compatibility:

  Port A. Standard USB output fit for 5V device; 

  Port B. 18V DC55*21 output for 9V to 18V (about 2A) Laptop and 12V car battery.

* Equipped with Voltage Regulator: Portable solar charger equipped with voltage regulator to keep your device getting stable current and prolong its life.

* Automatic Restart: If portable solar charger is interrupted by the sudden shade, cloud or forest, this portable solar charger will automatically restart charging when the sunlight is strong enough.

* Portable Compact Design: Portable solar charger compact design & light weight is easy to carry in a bag or on a backpack, suitable for nature trips, hiking, picnic, camping, sailing or any other outdoor activities.

* Waterproof Construction: Both the case and the solar panel are designed for waterproof purpose, but USB charging ports are not waterproof.



For 18V DC port, it is suggested to turn off your laptop before the charging, as some laptops might require large current while working.

Technical Parameters
Peak Power120 W
Solar Cell Efficiency21-23%
Max. Power Voltage18.00 V
Max. Power Current6.67 A
Open Circuit Voltage21.00 V
Short Circuit Current7.33 A
Charge MethodsSunshine
Parallet CapableNo
Full Recharge Time

KSUNsolar Portable Power Supply KST202 - 7~8 Hours (with Full Sun)

KSUNsolar Portable Power Supply KST201 - 6~7 Hours (with Full Sun)

KSUnsolar Portable Power Supply KST102 - 5~6 Hours (with Full Sun)

KSUnsolar Portable Power Supply KST101 - 4~5 Hours (with Full Sun)

QC 3.0 USB Port5V/2.40A, 9V/2.00A, 12V/1.50A
2.0 USB Port5V/2.40A
55*21mm DC Output Port120W/18V ±5%
Operating Usage Temperature
10+ Years
Accessories Included

1x 10-in-1 Multi-Type Connector

1x DC to Anderson Cable

1x DC to DC Cable

1x DC to Clamp for Storage Battery

1x User Manual

Packaging Quantity & Dimension & Weight                                           
Dimensions - Unfolded (LxWxD)1650 x 528 x 5 mm
Dimensions - Folded (LxWxD)528 x 350 x 45 mm
Quantity / Box
1 Piece
Product Weight4.00 Kgs
Box Dimensions
550 x 390 x 55 mm
Box Weight4.30 Kgs
Quantity / Carton
3 Pieces
Carton Dimension
565 x 205 x410 mm
Weight / Carton
14.30 Kgs
24 Months

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