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Commercial Solar Power

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2-Axis Solar Trackers

Another great option for commercial properties is installing AllEarth solar trackers, which can increase energy production while also serving as a conversation piece. As well,  KSUN solar trackers can be a visible reminder of your business’s commitment to sustainability and improve your company’s image.


Solar Carport Mounting

KSUNsolar offers custom-designed solar carport mounting solutions for all types of parking lots. This includes single and double-row carport configurations.

Installing this type of solar carport system visibly displays an obvious commitment to sustainability, positive contribution to the community and genuine concern for the environment, all while generating power that will make or save money.

Often an under-utilized asset is a business’s parking lot area. Solar carports can convert your parking lot to a power plant! Also, your employees and visitors will appreciate convenient shade or shelter from the bright sun, rain, snow or ice!

To see a recent commercial solar carport installation, click here!

What is a Solar Carport?

A solar carport is a system of solar canopies which covers parking areas for residential, commercial and industrial use. Polar Racking offers carport solutions that can shield entire commercial parking lots or for very small sections within a parking lot. Before long, solar carports will be present in most, if not every, parking lot.

By installing a solar carport, owners have the benefit of generating power in an easily accessible, pre-owned area to power their existing operations or to produce additional revenue by selling power back into the grid. Solar carports offer the additional advantage of protecting cars from outdoor elements, which can be especially appealing to car dealerships. Learn more about solar carport benefits.

Solar PV carports for projects of all sizes.

Choose from a wide variety of configurations to best meet your project requirements.

Key specifications:

1. Robust design – perfect to areas with heavy wind, snow or rain

2. Multiple configuration options

3. Waterproof solutions including gutters and down spouts available

4. Snow guards and multiple paint options

5. Perfect for EV charging stations

6. Installation services available

Common Roof Types On Commercial Buildings

The support racks for commercial solar installations vary based on the connection point between the rack and the roof surface. In the Midwest, common roof types are metal and shingle. Metal roofs are typically panel type or standing seam.

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