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Solar LED Lighting

Commercial LED Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is frequently neglected due to high maintenance costs.  Mobilizing an electrician, acquiring lifts and replacing parts is a costly deterrent. After years of light degradation and failures, many outdoor exterior light fixtures provide less than desirable light output and have a costly impact on your electric bill.

Commercial LED lighting offers an energy-efficient, low-maintenance solution that provides superior light distribution and brighter lighting.

Quality outdoor lighting has a major impact on the visual appearance of your business, safety and security around your property’s perimeter. KSUNsolar offers comprehensive parking lot lighting, street lighting, commercial LED flood lights and related exterior outdoor lighting solutions.


Excellent Light Quality

Interior lighting as good as outside? Before electricity was plentiful in the early 1900s most buildings were built with ample natural lighting. Big windows, skylights and atriums all funneled tremendous amount of natural light into houses and buildings.

Years later, architecture began moving backwards for a few decades as most buildings were designed as closed-in boxes with no daylight entering the structure. Those buildings still exist today, but we can change this!

Solar Lighting & Solar Parking Lot Light Poles

During a power outage does your parking lot go dark making it a safety or security hazard? Consider 100% solar-powered LED parking light poles that are independent from the electrical grid. Light poles with integrated LED light fixture, a solar photovoltaic (PV) panel, and a battery system for reliable lighting year-round are great solutions.

When constructing a new parking lot, solar PV powered light poles can eliminate costly electrical installation. This exciting solution also offers a 30% federal tax credit for qualifying buyers. Contact us to learn more.

Commercial LED Flood Lights & Building Wall Packs

Building wall packs and flood lights are a common application on and around commercial and industrial facilities. Older fixtures are typically metal halide (MH) or high-pressure sodium (HPS) type that often provide poor light quality and contribute to light pollution. These older lights also often suffer from high lumen degradation and lenses that turn brittle and yellow from high heat. Older fixtures often get so hot during operation they turn themselves off for built-in protection. After the lights cool and turn back on, they suffer from a long restrike time which leaves an area dark and compromises the area’s security.

Older HID flood and wall pack fixtures typically consume around 295 Watts up to 1,080 Watts per fixture, which makes them a major consumer of electricity.

Eliminate this problem with LED flood lights and building wall packs. HID to LED flood light or wall pack upgrades offer a tremendous return on investment (ROI) through energy savings and reduced maintenance costs.

Commercial Parking Lot Lights

Achieve energy reduction by up to 70% with energy-efficient LED parking lot fixtures for various types of applications such as:

Parking Lot Shoebox fixtures

Parking Lot Cobra Head fixtures


Older HID (high-intensity discharge) lighting has high lumen degradation which tends to make your parking lot appear dark yet costly to operate. Our commercial LED solutions are available to address all type of parking lot lighting applications.

Specialty Lighting Applications

Some LED lighting installers focus only on the “low hanging fruit” focusing on the easiest fixtures to upgrade.  Tick Tock Energy aims to provide a comprehensive solution to all your lighting problems. If you have specialty lighting needs for flag, sign lighting, canopy, or awning lighting, we have a great LED lighting solution for you. All solutions provide the same great ROI while improving light quality and energy saving dramatically.

The Structure and Composition of Solar Street Lights

Solar Street Lights can basically be divided into traditional split solar street lights and integrated solar street lights. They all combine components such as high-efficiency solar panels, long-life lithium batteries or lead-acid batteries, high-efficiency LED street lights and smart controllers into an independent system (integrated solar street lights often also include PIR human body induction Module, anti-theft mounting bracket).

Solar Panels: The main function of solar panels is to convert light energy into electrical energy. It is one of the core components in the entire solar street light system. It mainly includes  monocrystalline silicon solar panels and polycrystalline silicon solar panels.


• The photoelectric conversion efficiency of monocrystalline silicon is about 15%, and the highest is 24%. This is the highest photoelectric conversion efficiency of all types of solar panels, and the life

span can reach more than 15 years.


• Polysilicon solar panels have great advantages in cost. The life span is more than 10 years.

Solar Battery: The battery is mainly used to store electricity. Currently, the market mainly includes lead-acid batteries (AGM and GEL batteries) and lithium batteries (ternary lithium batteries and LiFePo4 Batteries). For the choice of batteries, you can refer to here.


Solar Charge Controller: The solar controller is a device used to control the photovoltaic pns.


Solar Street Light Fixture: the light-emitting part of the solar street light system. Composed of LED light source.


Radar/PIR Sensor: This is mostly used in all-in-one solar street lights. It can better help solar street lights achieve energy-saving effects.

Commercial Outdoor Solar LED Lighting Applications​

​Solar Powered Street Lighting

Use our solar powered street & roadway LED light solutions to illuminate your drive.



Solar Pathway Lighting

Use our solar LED lighting solutions to illuminate your pathways & walkways.​



Solar Parking Lot Lighting

Help protect your business and pedestrians by using our outdoor solar lighting for parking lots.​


​Solar Sign Lighting

Learn more about how our solar LED lighting fixtures & panels can light up your signage all night long.​


​Solar Park Lighting

Try our aesthetically-pleasing outdoor solar lights for your parks & public open spaces at an unbeatable price.​ 

Solar Security Lighting

Protect your business and property around the clock with our industry-leading solar powered lighting for security & perimeters.


Going Beyond an Exterior Lighting Upgrade

Don’t stop with the exterior lighting! We can help with your interior LED lighting needs too. Adding solar power to your rooftop can generate all the electricity your indoor and outdoor lighting system, or overall building requires.

Contact us today to discuss an LED lighting upgrade, or learn about our other services such as solar energy systems, electric submetering, daylighting solutions and more!

Integrated (all-in-one) Solar Street Light

1. Integrated design, no cable, easy to install, low transportation costs and Many kinds of installation, Such as iron posts, wood, bamboo, plastic;

2. Solar power supply , LED lighting, the perfect combination of both, save energy and protect the earth's resources;

3. High capacity long life lithium(LiFePO) batteries, the theoretical life of 5 years, good high temperature properties, long life, to ensure that the entire life of the product;

4. Protection class IP65, safe and reliable;

5. Quality Aluminum alloy main structure with excellent anti-rust and ant-corrosion function.

6.Intelligent timer controller could adjust power base on the frequency of human activity ,save energy effectively and improve the availability of the products.



Solar street lights are a cost-effective method of providing decentralized lighting solutions in a public domain. Working on similar principles, as ‘mini’ off-grid systems, this technology stores energy produced through solar power in batteries utilizing it for providing lighting when required. The technology is well documented and very reliable resulting in exhaustive deployment across public and private sectors. These systems are portable and can be installed in remote locations or urban settings with equal ease.


• No operating cost

• Motion sensor for added security

• Automatic dusk to dawn operation

• IP65 designed and rated for rough weather

• Freedom from reliance on a poor electricity grid

Here are the Advantages You Get with Solar Powered Lighting

1. Solar lights are extremely cost-effective. Many corporations, businesses, cities, etc. have saved thousands of dollars up-front and over time because of no grid-tie connections and no energy bills over time.

2. Solar lights are more secure—in times of emergency or a power failure, these lights stay on since there’s no connectivity to power grids that are liable to fail.

3. Versatility. Solar lighting works well for remote areas, cities, construction sites, parks, streetways, and other areas. Some models are portable, so you can move them wherever needed.

4. No trenching. Solar lighting systems don’t need trenching to connect to power, so the grounds in the area can be kept intact—this is important for parks and protected lands.

5. No electricity bills. You needn’t worry about lighting bills with solar since the panels draw free electricity from the sun!

6. Solar energy is one of the cleanest forms of energy. There are no emissions or by-products from generating energy from the sun.


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