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Solar LED Lighting

Commercial Outdoor Solar LED Lighting Applications​

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Solar street lights are a cost-effective method of providing decentralized lighting solutions in a public domain. Working on similar principles, as ‘mini’ off-grid systems, this technology stores energy produced through solar power in batteries utilizing it for providing lighting when required. The technology is well documented and very reliable resulting in exhaustive deployment across public and private sectors. These systems are portable and can be installed in remote locations or urban settings with equal ease.


• No operating cost

• Motion sensor for added security

• Automatic dusk to dawn operation

• IP65 designed and rated for rough weather

• Freedom from reliance on a poor electricity grid

Here are the Advantages You Get with Solar Powered Lighting

1. Solar lights are extremely cost-effective. Many corporations, businesses, cities, etc. have saved thousands of dollars up-front and over time because of no grid-tie connections and no energy bills over time.

2. Solar lights are more secure—in times of emergency or a power failure, these lights stay on since there’s no connectivity to power grids that are liable to fail.

3. Versatility. Solar lighting works well for remote areas, cities, construction sites, parks, streetways, and other areas. Some models are portable, so you can move them wherever needed.

4. No trenching. Solar lighting systems don’t need trenching to connect to power, so the grounds in the area can be kept intact—this is important for parks and protected lands.

5. No electricity bills. You needn’t worry about lighting bills with solar since the panels draw free electricity from the sun!

6. Solar energy is one of the cleanest forms of energy. There are no emissions or by-products from generating energy from the sun.


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