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<< Bifacial Solar Panel / Module

Bifacial solar panel is a two-faced energy plant that generates electricity using sunlight on both, front and rear side. Unlike traditional solar panel, a bifacial solar module has two faces to expose to sunlight. Both sides of the bifacial are equipped with solar cells, usually monocrystalline silicon modules.

Portable / Folding Solar Panel Charger >>

Our foldable portable monocrystalline solar panels are rugged, reliable, and easy to use. Harness the sun with portable solar power wherever you are. Outdoor Necessities Equipped with a rugged water-resistant, anti-shock, dust-proof exterior for outdoor use.




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Solar Power System / PV (photovoltaic) System

A photovoltaic power system, also PV power system or solar power system, is an electric power system designed to supply usable solar power by means of photovoltaics. It consists of an arrangement of several components, including solar panels to absorb and convert sunlight into electricity, a solar inverter to convert the output from direct to alternating current, as well as mounting, cabling, and other electrical accessories to set up a working system. It may also use a solar tracking system to improve the system's overall performance and include an integrated battery.


There are three basic types of solar power systems as below.


•  On-Grid Solar Power System

•  Off-Grid Solar Power System 

•  Hybrid Solar Power System  





Solar ESS Power

Solar Power Commercial Energy-Storage System

Energy Storage systems give you total control over your power production and consumption. You can store, save and supply energy - lowering costs, improving resilience, and reducing waste.

Our Energy Storage systems can harness power from renewable energy sources, enabling you to avoid costly tariffs by storing energy off-peak and using it at peak times.


Benefits of containerised storage include:

•  Enabling PV self-consumption

•  Peak shaving

•  Load shifting

•  Back-up power

•  Electric vehicle charging station integration

•  Grid support


Harnessing Energy


Climate change is a critical threat to the planet, and we must all do more to decarbonise the economy.

Renewable energy storage is vital to a safe future, helping us manage energy usage by storing precious power.

Our containerised solution ensures valuable energy isn’t lost but safely stored where it can be used to supply your infrastructure during peaks, electric power vehicles or returned to the grid.

It’s part of a clean energy future that’s better for all of us.





Portable Power Supply / Station / Generator       Home Solar Power Systems


Residential Battery Storage System

Lithium-ion battery is widely used in energy storage power systems such as water power, firepower,
wind power and solar power stations, uninterruptible power supply for post and telecommunications,

as well as electric tools, electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric vehicles, military equipment, aerospace, and other fields.



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Solar LED Lighting

Solar powered LED lighting is a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to enhance any outdoor application. Featuring an all-in-one design, solar powered LED lighting has the solar panel, lithium battery and smart controlling system built-in right into the fixture. There's no need for a power source, thus eliminating the process of trenching and wiring to install landscape fixtures.



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