KSUNsolar is a manufacturer and supplier of solar energy products with high quality.

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Nanjing KSUNsolar Technology Co., Ltd., estanlished in 2014 that is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Solar Panel (Solar Module), Solar Power System, Solar Energy Storage System and Solar LED Lighting series products in China.


KSUN solar products are exported to Europe, Middle East, Africa, South America, Australia, New Zealand and Aisa countries with TUV IEC61215 & 61730, ISO, CE and RoHS certificates of international quality standard, also we have flexible and timely after-sales service. We offer all products with high quality and sustainable service to our customers and establishing a long-term cooperative relationship with them.


KSUN’s headquarter in Nanjing, China, has more than 10 years of solar energy business experience in R&D, manufacturing, engineering, and procurement and it showcases technical advantages as the core equipment of photovoltaic power plant. It provides a whole life-cycle of clean energy professional services to customers in the world with powerful R&D production base, stable operation platform, and global sales distribution.


KSUN has always approached our global supply chain strategy with a continuously improving global supply chain system. With production based in China, KSUN provides high quality, high efficiency and high reliability in our products and services as we serve a worldwide market and meet the needs of our various customers and projects.


KSUNsolar is a professional manufacturer and provider of solar power products. Our mission is to be the best energy solution provider all of the world for residential and commercial applications. We strive to provide customers with a superior solar energy management solution, taking into account their individual needs and circumstances.



We see great potential for Solar Power to make a significant contribution to solar power supply in the world. Our ultimate vision is to see all the world powered by 100% renewable energy. Through our tailored customer-based approach,  together with our clients we believe we can help make significant progress to reach that target.


How We Can Make Cheaper Energy From The Sun?


We offer high quality products and services and are continually working on the improvement of these to get better every day. We back on our employees’ qualifications and motivation to learn.

In our company, reliability means that all employees do what they say and say what they do. With reliability we also associate implementation of targeted goals, checking the achievement of our objectives and adherence to deadlines.

Fairness and respect determine our daily work with respect to our colleagues, employees and superiors as well as to our customers and suppliers.


We advocate long-term corporate management. This includes both the conservation of natural resources and the responsibility for future generations as well as corporate management which is directed towards the company’s long-lasting survivability.

Production & Technical Strength

KSUNsolar is a high-tech enterprise. KSUNsolar provides vertically integrated photovoltaic production; Specialize in R&D, production and sales of solar modules, solar power system and photovoltaic energy-storage as well as investment in and operation of solar power plants. The production bases is located in Nanjing City with 300MW capacity of solar module per year.

KSUNsolar manufactures and markets high quality, high efficiency solar photovoltaic modules. Employing among the most advanced and sophisticated technologies available worldwide and cutting edge European technology, we offer a wide variety of Solar PV Modules that are are well-suited for residential, commercial and industrial, off grid/grid-tied and energy-storage system applications.

KSUNsolar export all solar products to European countries, East Asia, South East Asia, Australia, Africa and South America, etc.

"Solar Energy Make Excellent Future" is KSUN's slogan, KSUN contributes to a cleaner and greener environment, a bright and prosperous future for all human beings by using alternative energy.

Parthernship with KSUNsolar, Simplify Your Solar Business

What Is KSUNsolar Able to Do For You ?

KSUNsolar provides its Partners with a platform that combines a diverse range of solar products with our expertise in installation, sales, and marketing. The program is intended to promote your solar business while also facilitating your solar energy experience.

As a Partner, you'll receive:

Technical support that is both quick and dependable

System design and support

Marketing & Sales Assistance

Favorable Pricing

Faster Warranty Claim Procedure

Favorable Pricing

Training, seminars, and workshops for installers

Why Become a Partner With KSUNsolar?

KSUNsolar's partnership program is intended to help our solar partners grow their businesses and achieve a higher bottom line. A successful relationship with KSUNsolar will allow you to:

Work More Efficiently

Have Access to Exclusive Tools and Services

Focus on Your Client Projects and Customer Relations

Facilitate Your Supply Chain and Logistics

Expand Your Professional Network

Get More Visibility for Your Brand

Why Generate Your Own Electricity?


Reduce Electricity Bills

Our solar panel and battery packages can save you up to 50%* on your energy bills.


Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Join the green energy revolution and generate your own clean renewable energy to power your home.


Year-Round Green Energy Generation

With energy prices increasing yearly, generate your own solar energy and reduce your dependency on costly grid energy.

Get Started with KSUNSOLAR

We'll help you figure out your solar power needs !

If you have any inquiry of our products, please do not hesitate to send a message here,  we will reply you in 24 hours !  Your detailed requirements will get more exact answer.


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