KSUN SOLAR is a solar power products supplier and portable power station manufacturer with quality solar power products.

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Nanjing KSUNsolar Technology Co., Ltd., is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Solar Panel (Solar Module), Solar Power System,

Integrated Solar Street Light and LED Solar Light series products in China that located at Nanjing City.


Our products are exported to Europe, Middle East, Africa, South America, Australia, New Zealand and Aisa countries with TUV IEC61215 & 61730, ISO,

CE and RoHS certificates of international quality standard, also we have flexible and timely after-sales service. We offer all products with high quality

and sustainable service to our customers and establishing a long-term cooperative relationship with them.

Our Mission

“I knew we had an opportunity to bring positive change when we started the company. We had the right people and we had the right product. The benefits of solar go well beyond energy-savings — it’s so much bigger than that. We are truly helping customers make a positive environmental impact on the world and changing the way everyone thinks about power. By showing the importance of owning your power, we change how others see the world, how their kids will see it, and how their kids’ kids will see it. What we do is cool and makes a difference in customers’ lives. Makeing the world a better place by making clean, renewable energy both accessible and affordable to everyone. As the impact of climate change becomes more dire, the focus of everything we do is to pave a brighter way for our people and our planet.”

— Aiwah Tsou, CEO

Why Choose Us ?

We offer high quality products and services and are continually working on the improvement of these to get better every day.
We ensure our employees’ are highly qualified and service driven to gear high levels of customer satisfaction.


Industry Experience




Power Station Annual Capacity

Save Money

Qualified Technicians

25 Years Warranty

How We Can Make Cheaper Energy From The Sun?

We offer high quality products and services and are continually working on the improvement of these to get better every day. We back on our employees’ qualifications and motivation to learn.

W670BT采用了更为成熟的蓝牙2.1+EDR技术,音乐的传输质量得到了有力的保证, 同时支持10米超远距离传输。蓝牙开关被设计在单元底部外侧,可方便切换蓝牙工作状态。紧邻蓝牙开关的是microUSB接口,可为内置锂电池进行充电,电量耗完后2小时即可充满,满电状态下可持续工作10小时,待机时间则长达16小时。

Solar Energy Development


Through the continuous technological innovation and expanding of the production scale, KSUNsolar is continuing to lower manufacturering costs to make the unexhaustible and green solar energy to step in thousands of households, and create a better tomorrow for human development.


KSUNsolar carry out enterprise culture of " Integrity, Innovation, Universitied, Pioneering ", and the spirit of " One earth, One Home, Solar change the Future " is our permanent pursuit, our practical attitude and accountability make our team work more efficient and more competitive.


Where there is a Sunlight, there is a KSUNsolar

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