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Folding Solar Panel

Folding Solar Panel

What is Folding Solar Panel? Just as the name suggests, this is a solar panel that uses solar cells to convert solar energy into electrical energy, and it can be folded for easy to carry and transport. Folding solar panels act as a portable power station for your devices, providing their battery pack with power from the sun. Solar energy is a non-polluting and inexhaustible source of energy, therefore, in the face of the pollution and shortage of petrochemical energy, how to use solar energy sources effectively has become the focus of attention, and foldable solar panels are becoming more and more popular nowadays. 

Folding or Portable solar panels -- Freestanding solar panels can be moved and used for different applications. They often comprise two panels, hinged in the middle, which fold up into a briefcase-style portable unit. They can be moved throughout the day to maximise the angle of the sun, so they can be the most efficient.

Get off the grid with KSUNsolar’s 100W Folding Solar Panel for renewable energy wherever you end up.

Our Folding Solar Panels are lightweight, durable and extremely portable. Unmatched durability allows for use in the harshest environments and provide power for a wide range of electronics. Folding Solar Panels keep you connected, power your outdoor life, and help you get more out of your outdoor adventures.

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