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Energy Storage System

Commercial & Industrial Energy Storage System

Commercial & Industrial Energy Storage is an ideal solution to address energy costs, business continuity, as well as energy grid reliability. Energy Storage Systems (ESS) work mainly by reducing demand charges.

An energy storage system offers energy independence, flexibility, freedom, and resilience. Get in touch, and let's get started! An energy storage system gives you complete energy independence and control. You’re always ready with on-demand power and the ability to take charge of your energy costs.


KSUN ESS (Energy-Storage System)

 Protect from power outages

 Reduce energy costs

 Reduce CO2 emissions

 Become energy independent

Composition of Commercial & Industrial Energy Storage System

Typical structure of Energy Storage Systems (ESS)

Energy Storage Systems are structured in two main parts. The power conversion system (PCS) handles AC/DC and DC/AC conversion, with energy flowing into the batteries to charge them or being converted from the battery storage into AC power and fed into the grid. Suitable power device solutions depend on the voltages supported and the power flowing.

The battery management system (BMS) handles cell charging, balancing, and health monitoring, complemented by a microcontroller providing system control and communication. Essential elements to integrate ESS into larger systems.

Solutions to mitigate energy risks for your company

KSUN designs and builds advanced energy storage which is deployed in demand response enabled micro-grid solutions for commercial and industrial (C&I) applications.

Our advanced solutions allow companies to mitigate economic risk with on-site independent backup power to essential equipment while helping to insulate operating expenses from utility rate increases and fluctuations in power supply.

Systems can be designed for single, split or 3 phase electrical architecture and easily integrates with a broad selection of inverters and energy management systems.


The Main Features of KSUN Commercial & Industrial Energy Storage System

Peak load shifting

KSUNsolar Commercial & Industrial ESS has independent peak and valley shaving function, where intermittent renewable energy or the grid charges the storage system when the load is low or there are no power restrictions, and the storage device discharges to the grid when the load is high or there are power restrictions.

Standby capacity

The integrated energy storage product has a standby capacity function to ensure a certain period of power supply in the event of an accident on the grid.

Tracking planned power output

According to the scheduled power output curve, the energy storage automatically charges or discharges, ensuring the power balance of the grid and operational safety.

Time-sharing tariff management

This function is commonly referred to as peak-to-valley arbitrage.

Applications of KSUN Commercial & Industrial Energy Storage System

KSUN C&I Energy Storage System are widely used in following areas: renewable energy coupling, diesel generator operation optimization,

parking lots, charging stations, hospitals, factory, buildings, mining, island, remote area.

Support EV Charging Needs

As electric vehicle (EV) chargers become more ubiquitous, these EV charging stations will often be accompanied by battery energy storage solutions. Energy storage helps the businesses with EV charging be sure that they can always recharge their EV vehicles or EV fleets at the site. Most organizations with EV charging stations will realize the benefit of helping minimize peak demand when charging multiple EVs or charging during peak times.

What Can KSUNsolar Commercial Energy Storage System Provide You?

Security Design

High safety and long life LiFePO4 batteries, zero accident case,

three-cabinet container design, in-cabinet fire protection system, safe isolation.

More Choices

The battery system type and capacity can be flexibly configured according to requirements

PCS adopts modular architecture, simple O&M and can realize multiple parallel machines ,

seamless switching on-grid and off-grid mode.

Solution Value

Alleviate power supply shortage, improve power supply stability,

on-grid/off-grid flexibility, backup power, ensure power supply.

Economic Value

Maximize solar energy absorption, the peak valley arbitrage, load peak-cutting/dynamic expansion, virtual power plant, minimize fuel consumption.

KSUN Commercial & Industrial Energy Storage System

An ESS consists of Power Conditioning System, Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), Control System and Energy Management System (EMS). These sub-systems work together to regulate and optimize energy consumption, stabilize grids, and therefore improve energy efficiency. Different capacity optional for residential, commercial and industrial application.

Commercial / Industrial Energy Storage Systems (ESS) help you achieve your business goals!

By using ESSs, you will save energy costs, replace fossil fuels, and facilitate the adoption of renewables.

Our ESSs allow commercial and industrial facilities to cut utility costs significantly.


  Modular AC-DC/DC-DC bi-directional PCS

  Modular designed cabinet or container

  Indoor or Outdoor container design


  Using high performance DSP, more stable and effective

  Built-in isolation transformer, strong load adaptability

  Integrated protective and safety features, including AC output breakers, DC disconnect switches

  Fully integrated system, with built-in AC&DC coupled PCS and different battery system

  With HVAC and built-in FSS


  Compatible with grid-tied and micro-grid environments and is used with both battery energy storage

  Integrated grid&off-grid automatic switching components, save the user's system costs

  Flexible communication mode , receive BMS instructions in real time

KSUN Commercial & Industrial Energy Storage System

KSUNsolar Battery Energy Storage System

10ft/20ft/40ft Container AC-coupled ESS (Energy Storage System)

Compatible with different battery system with storage only PCS/HVAC/Fire System built-in


30KW/50KW/100KW/150KW/250KW/500KW BESS

Battery voltage range: 250V-850V/320V-850V/420V-850V/500V-850V dc

AC Voltage: 400Vac/320Vac~460Vac

AC Frequency: 50/60Hz

Battery Type: lithium battery, Lead acid battery

Battery Capacity: up to 2MWH

  Outdoor rated

  Built-in bi-directional power conversion system +Battery Energy Storage System

  Flexible energy

  Grid-support & grid-forming functions

  Support various battery

  Pre-engineered system

10ft/20ft/40ft Container DC-coupled ESS (Energy Storage System)

Compatible with different battery system with hybrid PCS/HVAC/Fire System built-in


30KW/50KW/100KW/150KW/250KW/500KW Hybrid Micro-grid

PV input voltage range: 250V-850V/1000Vdc max.

Battery voltage range: 250V-850V/320V-850V/420V-850V/500V-850V dc

AC Voltage: 400Vac/320Vac~460Vac

AC Frequency: 50/60Hz

Battery Type: lithium battery, Lead acid battery

Battery Capacity: up to 2MWH

  Outdoor rated

  Built-in bi-directional power conversion system +DC-DC PV charging System+Battery Energy Storage System

  Flexible energy

  Grid-support & grid-forming functions

  Support various battery

  Pre-engineered system

Guaranteed Savings with KSUN Commercial & Industrial Energy Storage System

Slash Peak Demand Charges with Energy Storage

With a Commercial Energy Storage System, as your building demand starts to spike, intelligent predictive controllers trigger a rapid power discharge from your energy storage system to offset the spike. The result is your demand is cut. This allows commercial building owners and operators to take control of their energy bills and their bottom line without spending countless hours managing their systems. The system takes care of all the complexities associated with managing your power usage.

Reduce Base Energy Charges with Solar

With a solar power system your facility generates electricity during daylight hours reducing your base energy charges and charging your energy storage system to support reduction of Peak Demand Charges. This allows commercial and industrial building owners and operators to take advantage leverage both solar and storage to reduce base energy charges.

Energy Storage + Solar Energy = Triple Benefits

By combining a Commercial Energy Storage System with Solar, businesses save on both energy and peak demand, and get triple incentives.

Benefit from the 30% Investment Tax Credit for both solar and storage

Plus California Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) rebates for storage

Plus accelerated depreciation (MACRs)


Frequently Asked Question

Why should I consider energy storage with a solar system for my business?

An Energy Storage System that you own is your answer to greater grid independence, reduced electrical costs and grid casualty preparedness. It will complement your renewable energy system by storing the energy you generate during the day for use in the evening or whenever your peak demand period occurs.

Can I install a KSUN Energy Storage System on an existing solar system?

The commercial scale systems utilize an AC-coupling approach where the battery is independently connected to the main service entrance.  We install current transformers to measure the solar production but we do not alter the existing setup so there is no impact to your existing PV.

What is the difference between residential and commercial energy storage?

Each have their own energy storage requirements but the commercial customer is often subject to additional demand charges based on their peak energy usage. KSUN Energy Storage Systems are programmed to reduce these charges providing significant monthly rate savings.

How long will the KSUN Energy Storage System last?

The system is designed for a 15-year life and a 10-year warranty is available. At the end of life of the battery cells, we can replace the battery modules at a fraction of today’s lithium ion costs without ripping out the enclosure, inverter and conduit.  The system is deigned for easy service or upgrade using a rack mounted enclosure. The customer must maintain monitoring for the guaranteed performance.

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