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Guaranteed Savings with KSUN Commercial & Industrial Energy Storage System

Slash Peak Demand Charges with Energy Storage

With a Commercial Energy Storage System, as your building demand starts to spike, intelligent predictive controllers trigger a rapid power discharge from your energy storage system to offset the spike. The result is your demand is cut. This allows commercial building owners and operators to take control of their energy bills and their bottom line without spending countless hours managing their systems. The system takes care of all the complexities associated with managing your power usage.

Reduce Base Energy Charges with Solar

With a solar power system your facility generates electricity during daylight hours reducing your base energy charges and charging your energy storage system to support reduction of Peak Demand Charges. This allows commercial and industrial building owners and operators to take advantage leverage both solar and storage to reduce base energy charges.

Energy Storage + Solar Energy = Triple Benefits

By combining a Commercial Energy Storage System with Solar, businesses save on both energy and peak demand, and get triple incentives.

Benefit from the 30% Investment Tax Credit for both solar and storage

Plus California Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) rebates for storage

Plus accelerated depreciation (MACRs)

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