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ON-Grid / Off-Grid / Hybrid Solar Power System

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Solar Power System

Solar Power System

Solar (Photovoltaic) Power System (generator)  is based on the principle of photovoltaic effect, using solar cells to directly convert solar energy into electrical energy. Regardless of whether it is used independently or connected to the grid, photovoltaic power generation systems are mainly composed of solar panels/components, (controllers, energy storage batteries) and inverters. They are mainly composed of electronic components, but do not involve mechanical components.There are three main types of solar energy systems: On-Grid, On-Grid with battery backup (Hybrid), and Off-Grid solar power systems. To find the right solution for your family or business, it’s important to assess your need and energy usage habits. If you still have questions after reading the information below, please get in touch at info@ksunsolar.com and we’ll be happy to walk you through the decision-making process.

Let’s take a look at how solar energy works

1 Solar Panels

The Sun provides an abundant source of clean, renewable energy that is captured by mono or polycrystalline solar panels.

2.  Inverters

Inverters converts the solar energy from DC into usable AC energy to power your household loads.

3.   Smart Meter

Measures your electricity usage and excess electricity generation, reducing your electricity bill and earning you kWh credits.

4.  System Monitoring

Our systems are equipped with lifetime system monitoring, granting you access to the real-time status of your energy from your smart-phone, tablet or computer.

On-Grid Solar Power System

An on-grid solar power system also known as grid-tie or connected solar power system is the most cost effective type for solar power system. It is a complete solar setup that comes with highly efficient solar panels, on-grid solar inverter and other standard solar accessories.


The array of solar modules absorbs the sunlight on them and convert them into electricity. The current generated here is Direct Current (DC). The solar inverter then converts the DC to Alternating Current (AC), thus making it power the electrical items.


On-grid solar power system is a solar power generation system that it is connected to the utility grid. The electricity produced by the system is routed to the grid from where it is used to run the various appliances where it is supplied for day to day use. .


On-grid solar power system generate electricity for your home and business and route the excess power into the electric grid for compensation from the utility company.


This system will not only provides you continious electricity but will also reduce your heavy electricity bills.


The components of on-grid solar power system mainly included as below:
   Solar Panel / Module

   On-grid Inverter

   Support Bracket

   Cable Conductor

  Other Device and Fittings

Hybrid Solar Power System (On-Grid with Battery Backup)

A hybrid solar power system combines traditional, grid-connected panels with backup home batteries to store excess power. The sun’s energy is absorbed by the panels and is then converted into usable electricity through a hybrid inverter. From there, electricity goes in one of three directions: it either powers your home or business, gets stored in a battery, or is sent back to the grid.


A hybrid solar power system sends electricity energy from solar panels to a hybrid inverter, which then distributes power to your home battery storage system.


One benefit of a hybrid solar power system is that you’ll have power at all times. A backup battery stores the excess energy that solar panels produce, so you can use it later. You can then use that stored energy to power your home or appliances under no sunshine, like at night or during blackouts. With a hybrid solar system, you can use up all the power in your battery and then draw more energy from the electrical grid if needed.


This battery can store power for use when solar panels aren’t producing enough energy. After all of those steps, if there is still extra energy available it will be stored to full capacity before being sent back to the grid.


The components of hybrid solar power system mainly included as below:

   Solar Panel / Module

  Hybrid Inverter

   Support Bracket

   Cable Conductor

   Energy-Storage Battery

   Other Device and Fittings

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