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What is the proportion of material cost to total production cost for best multi-solar panel ?
The figure is around 1/5 to 1/3 of the total. This mainly depends on the production technology. It is notable that NANJING KSUNSOLAR TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. has been decreasing the proportion regarding the cost of material to the total figure. When the business was just founded, the proportion was much larger. This is because at that time, the technology in the whole industry was backward. Having developed for so many years, our technology is mature and we can control the cost of best multi-solar panel well. We also import advanced production equipment to increase the output while reducing the input. This also makes results. We are sure that the cost would be further reduced in the near future, in the context that the industry is developing rapidly and our company is leading the industry development.
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As one of the most accepted manufacturers of flexible panels in the industry, Nanjing KSUN Solar Technology Co., Ltd. has become the preferred choice when it comes to manufacturing capacities. We will show you the off grid solar panels series that is most popular with customers. KSUN Solar Products portable solar panel is manufactured by utilizing advanced machines. It is processed by a CNC cutting machine, electrical oven, polishing machine, etc. solar pump gives full play to the style characteristics of solar pump manufacturers.
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With the increasing needs of grid tied solar system, KSUN Solar Products focuses more on the quality. Ask!

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