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Meet Zero Mass Water, Whose Solar Panels Pull Drinking Water From The Air

by:KSUNSOLAR     2021-02-08
It is often said that you can\'t do anything.
Cody Friesen may be as close to success as anyone else.
To show me his technical skills, Friesen invited me to a house on a hillside in Berkeley, California on a sunny afternoon.
In a shaded yard, each of us tasted a glass of water coming out of the water dispenser.
The water is cool and delicious, and it is made of air. Literally.
Of course, nano-materials and physics also play a role.
The water dispenser is served by a flexible pipe leading to the roof.
There are two Friesen devices called Source hydro.
Each looks like a solar panel mounted on a metal box.
The system extracts moisture from the air at a rate of 5 liters per day.
Friesen believes that facilities like this will soon provide clean, quality drinking water to families, schools and businesses in the United States and beyond-why not? Desert towns or urban slums in the developing world.
\"Water shortage is a human condition,\" said Friesen, founder and CEO of Arizona zero quality water --
The startup-based source of creation.
\"We want to ensure that everyone in the world has access to safe drinking water and fundamentally change the relationship between human beings and water.
\"Water is only for drinking water.
The technology does not produce enough volumes to be used for general household or industrial use, not to mention irrigation.
There is still a long way to go for zero quality water, which can turn Friesen\'s cool technology into a viable business.
However, materials scientists and professor of engineering at Arizona State University Friesen have installed such sources in eight countries, including Ecuador, Jordan, Mexico and the Philippines. In the U. S.
His panel is collecting water at the Duke Energy facility in North Carolina, an office building in Santa Monica, California.
Some homes in the Bay Area, as well as some families and schools in Arizona, although the humidity is low, the amount of water produced by the water source is roughly the same as that in the humid climate.
Zero Volkswagen raised $24 million from investors and began commercial sales in the United States on Wednesday.
Friesen\'s clear water is not cheap.
A typical home setting will cost you about $4500. -
$2000 for each of the two sources and an additional $500 for installation.
Friesen says it will take about five years for a family that buys bottled water regularly.
Considering that the average American drank 40 gallons of bottled water last year, he saw a lot of potential customers.
Friesen said that in its lifetime, two people
Panel settings may help to remove 70,000 plastic bottles from the loop.
But Friesen has a campaign and a plan to move the source far beyond the family.
Think about a problem with water lead in a school.
Install a source array-like a dozen or two devices ---
It may be cheaper than replacing the dilapidated infrastructure.
To make this idea meaningful, pollution doesn\'t have to be as serious as Flint, Michigan.
Last year, for example, the Los Angeles United School District spent nearly $20 million to renovate or dismantle 48,000 contaminated water dispensers.
A zero number of supporters believe that figures like this prove the feasibility of Source not only for families, but also for institutions and organizations.
\"In developed markets, energy can be an option for consumers, just like renewable energy,\" said Will Sani, a water scientist and senior water industry consultant who offered Friesen part-time
\"This is definitely a viable alternative to keeping us away from capital --
Centralized water supply system.
Source works like this: it sucks ambient air into the device through a fan.
There are special nano
Materials designed by zero mass absorb water by a process similar to the manufacture of sugar in a damp, open container cluster.
Similar, but highly concentrated, says Friesen.
The solar panels then help separate the water from the material.
After enrichment, it flows into a reservoir under the panel, where it passes through a mineral block that adds magnesium and calcium that are common in drinking water.
A typical solar device creates valuable, but some intangible output, Friesen said.
\"With us, you can keep the results of solar energy in the Cup,\" he said . \".
\"It was an incredible experience.
Friesen, 39, grew up in the Sonoma desert in Arizona.
He received a bachelor\'s degree and doctorate in materials science from Arizona State UniversityD.
In the same field at MIT.
In 2007, he founded a fluid energy company that developed battery technology.
His work on water enabled him to find zero quality in 2014.
A year later, he was appointed Henry Crown Fellowship. year-
The old project of the Aspen Institute aimed at \"developing the next generation of communities --
Spiritual leader.
Alumni of the project include Reed Hastings, founder and CEO of Netflix, Reed Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn, and Alan Bao, venture capitalist.
In this project, Friesen met Skip Battle from Aspen Institute, a former technical executive at Expedia, LinkedIn, Netflix, Workday and other companies.
\"Cody came three years ago,\" Battle said . \".
\"He will take the water out of the air.
He did it in Arizona.
I said that if he could do it there, he would certainly be able to get water from the air in Kenya or Auckland.
Join Arnerich Massena\'s 3x5 partner to become an investor
Directional fund, big impact, Boston-
Companies and other companies that have invested in three rounds of financing.
\"In the United States, there is a long way to drink pure water,\" Battle said . \" His Berkeley House, Freisen, took me to the demo water source.
\"It\'s not just in bad places.
It\'s easy to include sources in any new building.
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