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Solar Panels Should be Cheaper Than TVs

by:KSUNSOLAR     2021-02-08
This is an interesting way to look at the whole cost problem around the solar panel and the solar price.
I\'m not sure if I fully believe it, but it\'s an interesting way to look at it: I don\'t even know if solar panels are simpler than TV: but it is still an interesting way to look at things.
That means subsidies are certainly not needed.
For the electronics industry, it is a pleasure to offer us these more complex but cheaper products without any subsidies.
Solar panels are actually cost-effective without subsidies, and we will definitely buy them.
As a result, there are no technical barriers that need to be overcome, only those that are created.
In fact, the basic statement made there is that we only need to make production run large enough to reach the TV business and the economies of scale that we have already completed.
I\'m not sure if I believe it or not, I\'m still sure we have one or two more (at least)
Before the solar cells are truly competitive at the right price, the iteration of the basic technology begins.
But like I said, it\'s an interesting way to look at things.
If TV is more complex than solar cells but cheaper, it does suggest that we should be able to reduce the price of solar energy very quickly.
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