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Why does solar LED flood light be applied for urban landscape and road illumination ?

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Why does solar LED flood light be applied for urban landscape and road illumination ?

Why does solar LED flood light be applied for urban landscape and road illumination ?


Nowadays, solar LED Flood Light has become one of necessary living appliances. With the improvement of living standard, we are paying attention to the quality and high efficiency. To face large-scale illumination, it is important to pick out the premium lamp, we not just pay attention to its illumination effectiveness, but also attention its security and durability. Then, what issues should be noticed when to choose solar LED flood light ?
solar LED flood light

Firstly, Solar LED flood light is to adopt the newest technology of LED lighting source, beautiful appearance design, its lifespan is more longer than other traditional lighting fixtures. Its lighting beam is soft, not dazzling, pure light spectrum, which is good for our preservation of eyesight and health, at the same time, it provides our eyesight some refreshing feels. For the humanization with different illumination design, it is good for us to concentrate and improve efficiency.

Secondly, Solar LED Flood Light can make its intensity of illumination be higher than other lighting fixtures in surrounding, it has strong focusing effect which is applicable for large-scale. Usually, the lighting radiation scope of solar LED flood light can be up to 360° to bright, it can’t be influenced by climate condition. It can be applied for operational mine, the outline of building, stadium, overpass and other public occasions.

The last, The power of solar LED flood light is to get from solar power. In daytime, solar LED flood light is getting through solar panel to get electric power from sunlight and store into battery. Its solar panel can convert sunlight into electric power. As a eternal safe and environmental friendly renewable energy, solar energy is more and more paid attention.

solar LED flood light

Solar LED flood light is not just its initial illumination, it is the guaranteeing for us to pursue quality lives. Nowadays, various lighting fixtures are applied for public occasions, they can meet our leisure requirement. Solar LED flood light is increasingly popular in market, it should attribute to its advantages.

1. It can be applied for any outdoor occasions.

As one of characteristics of solar LED flood light is not influenced by external environment. Therefore, it can meet for urban decoration, illuminate for street, public garden and building, etc.

2. Anti-Shake design for its structure make it be more stable.

Solar LED flood light has adopted advanced technology for anti-shake when making design, to make entire structure of lighting fixture be more stable and safe, it can avoid the lighting fixture falling down, bracket broken and being shortage of lifespan when it works in outdoor.

3. Alloy Material is more durable.

Solar LED flood light is to adopt alloy material, it not just makes the entire weight of lighting fixture be slighter, and make it be easy to install. At the same time, its spray paint is also to adopt high technology, it can make sure lighting fixture not be rusted in outdoor environment, its height ensure the entire performance of lighting case.

4. Arbitrary Lighting Angle.

In terms of outdoor illumination lamp, its lighting angle should be adjustable according to the orientation of building and other factors. Solar LED flood light can meet this requirement, its lighting angle can be adjustable arbitrarily after installation, to ensure it reach the request display effect.

5. Environmental Friendly and Energy-Saving.

Solar LED flood light is to adopt solar power to store electric power for LED lamp, which makes the most of energy resources, it is energy-saving and environmental protection, it not only prolong its lifespan, but also specially be applicable for the outdoor utilization with unguarded area, to save labor cost.
solar LED flood light

Solar LED Flood Light has above five advantages, to compare with other lighting fixtures, solar LED flood light is more advantages, its new technology is to make its structural performance of entire lamp be more outstanding, it has better performance for waterproof and dustproof, therefore, it has more better security to adopt in outdoor.

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