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How are Solar Panels Made?

by:KSUNSOLAR     2021-02-06
Solar energy is a good source for producing electricity, so the use of this renewable energy source needs to be encouraged.To take advantage of the energy, solar panels are used and here we will tell you how these panels are made.
Solar panels are photovoltaic modules that use solar power.Photovoltaic or solar cells consist of silicon, a semiconductor material.Silicon absorbs photons from sunlight.
These photons impact electrons in silicon atoms, enabling them to flow freely in materials.Therefore, the movement of electrons produces electricity.Depending on the energy present in the solar cell, photons can be absorbed or reflected from the surface of the solar cell.

The solar panel is actually a solar cell assembly installed on the panel and covered with glass to protect it.The process of building solar panels involves preparing solar cells in order to assemble them on the panels.
These batteries are made of silicon and the two types used for this purpose are crystalline silicon and amorphous silicon.Let\'s learn about the crystal and manufacturing of amorphous silicon in solar panelsxa0Next paragraph.

The crystalline silicon that makes up the panel is cut into thin slices (wafer-Form) and polishing.
The impurities spread through the surface and pollute the battery as required.A back panel serves as a platform for arranging or assembling these contaminated solar cells.Metal strips that conduct electricity are fixed on the components of these batteries and fixed on their sunny surfaces.
The glass layer fixed on the solar cell assembly provides them with the necessary protection while allowing sunlight to pass through.In the process of building the solar panel, it is connected to the substrate using thermal conductive cement.
Cement helps prevent the battery from overheating, but it increases the cost of solar panels due to the high price.It is necessary to keep the solar panel cool.Therefore, it should be placed in a higher position from the ground.In addition to the use of thermal conductive cement, this measure helps to keep solar panels cool.

Amorphous solar panels are made of silicon and doping materials sprayed on backing materials.The backing material or platform used can be either metal or glass.To make these panels flexible, plastic can be used during construction.
The silicon layer used for these panels is thinner than the crystal wafer.The simplicity of the assembly process and the exclusion of expensive wafer greatly reduce the manufacturing cost.
This article gives us information on how to make solar panels and a brief description of how to produce solar energy.So solar panels are still an effective way to generate electricity, although the price is a bit expensive.
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